Hi! I am Olivia!

Have you ever wondered - why "Libi"?

Here is the answer:

When I started learning the Hebrew language out of interest, I learned to write my name and discovered which words were in my name and was quite surprised that "libi-jah" or "liwi -jah" (the letter B is simultaneously also a W) means "my heart-god".

So: "Libi" in hebrew means "my heart".

Call me "Libi" and I'm your heart :D

But that is not the only reason, more important to me is to pay attention to MY heart, to my attitude or to my dealings with my fellow human beings. Having a good heart and not being influenced by negative energy and people -

to remain true to myself and to my heart.

Why this blog?

I'm totally creative and I want to live it out more.

I love fashion and styling.

I love photography and modeling - since I'm 16 I'm regularly in front of the camera.

I love DIY's and creating - before I throw something away, I always consider how to make something unique or new out of it.

Health is very important to me - which was the reason for my apprenticeship as a nurse. The interest in sports and fitness came to it.

Oh and not to forget - very important of course: TRAVEL 

There is nothing better like discovering new places for yourself - getting to know other cultures and learning from each other. I would like to share all my insider tips with you.

Interesting facts about me:

25 years - zodiac sign: fish - sixfold aunt -

I'm from Baden-Baden - I lived in Jerusalem for 6 months -

Addicted to Kizomba, Bachata and Salsa (Dance Festival Lover)



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